Drug Abuse Prevention

Drug Use Disorders & Addiction

Having seen the ravages of addiction over the course of a 40 plus year career, Dr Mark Gold remains one of the addiction medicine industry’s leading advocates and thought leaders on the subject of drug abuse and prevention. Through his Chairmanship of Rivermend Health’s Scientific Advisory Boards, he is leading the assemblage of the nation’s top addiction experts to advance addiction research, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

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Dual Disorders

Dr. Mark Gold is keenly interested in the study and advancement of neuropsychopharmacology, an interdisciplinary science related to the understanding of how drugs affect the mind and influence behavior. During his 40+ year career he been a leader in neuropsychopharmacology research, including the development of new theories, treatments and inventions for addictions, depression and related mental disorders.

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Eating Disorders & Obesity

Eating Disorders

Dr Mark Gold has been at the forefront of the study of food and addiction, having set the foundation for the rapidly advancing field of eating disorders and obesity. Dr Gold is a leading advocate for much needed advances in science related to food intake, metabolism, and environmental risk factors for obesity, the evaluation of diagnostic criteria for food addiction, the evolutionary and developmental bases of eating addictions, and behavioral and pharmacologic interventions.

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